Auckland Art Gallery

Entrance to Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland Art Gallery Entrance

Exhibitions of Note

Dark Matter

by photographer Ann Shelton (Official Website)
Articles in Noted and Heart of the City. I liked especially the sets jane says, in a forest, a library to scale, once more from the street (depicting Lake Alice hospital).

The Discerning Eye

Collection containing works by Stefano Della Bella and Jacques Callot
My favourite by Della Bella was le Pont Neuf, a Paris seen here.

Mackelvie Gallery

Portrait of a Lady (1637)

Silk brocades, velvet, satins and lace. The oil painting is by Dirck Santvoort, a Dutch Baroque/golden age painter. (website)

Portrait of Lady with Dog (1590s)

Gown, jewelry and lace by Lavinia Fontana from Italy (website)

Miss Windham (1828)

The subject was Mary Christina Windham wearing a coat dress, portrait by William Beechey. (website)

Le dame au masque/Lady in Mask (1624)

Noble woman in mask wearing elaborate gown by Jacques Callot. (website)

Museum of Transport and Technology

Museum of Transport and Technology entrance with tram station.

MOTAT entrance with tram station
First up is Welcome to the Machine bilingual exhibition

The locomotive as part of the Welcome to the Machine exhibition.
Inside the Western Springs pumping station!
Pumps and miscellaneous machinery inside the Western Springs pumping station.
Sir Ed Hillary's journey in Antarctica.
Red tractor driven in Antarctica by Sir Ed Hillary
Fire Engine!

Fir engine used in the olden days.
Meola Road Hangar housing a myriad of restored aircrafts.

Meola Road Hangar with a range of aircrafts

Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum Exterior
Inside is a stained glass skyline with important New Zealand symbolism.

Auckland Museum
Stained glass skyline by PurpleLorikeet

Finally, a view of the museum at night

Auckland Museum
Museum night view by Chris Gin

Catherine Martin the Costume Designer

Australian costume designer who won academy awards for
  • The Great Gatsby and
  • Moulin Rouge!
The Great Gatsby Trailer
Moulin Rouge Trailer


First launched in 2010.
Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin waited more than a decade before launching their own line. (Article)
This collection has inspiration from paintings of Austrian artist Maria Lassnig, known for self portraits and her theory of 'body awareness'. (Vogue Runway)
Previous muses have been Pina Bausch, Georgia O’Keeffe, Madonna, Sade, Bridget Riley according to this October 2016 interviewBelow is a clip showing preparation for their collection in fall 2014.
Tome Fall/Winter 2014 New York Fashion Week Runway Video from hey, hey! gorgeous. on Vimeo.
Gone was the whimsicality of past collections in Tome’s all-grown-up Fall/Winter 2014 fashion show. Designers Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin presented confident, cosmopolitan women in their runway debut last Thursday at the Pavilion at Lincoln Center. Iranian visual artist Shirin Neshat, who is known for her political work, inspired the 32-look show. Lobo and Martin wanted to capture Neshat’s strong political work and the softness of  her personality in their clothes. The result was a collection full of oversized blanket coats, silk satin pieces in pink and red, black-lace pencil dresses, and luxurious gold jacquard looks.

Neshat, who is known for her iconic eyeliner, also inspired the makeup for the Fall collection. NARS Director of Global Artistry James Boehmer created the modern look by focusing on the bottom lash line. He used Black Valley Eye Paint to line the inner rim and Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara to add definition. Glowing skin and a boyish brow completed the look.

Lobo and Martin blurred the lines between night and day, combining pieces in unexpected ways. A lace skirt with a peplum was paired with a basic black shirt and tweed dresses were embellished with Swarovski Crystals. Some of our favorite looks were the rich jacquard skirts, gold lamé shirts, and a dress in sheer lace over pink lamé. But the real beauty of this collection was in the styling. Mink stoles made dresses look especially glamorous, pink and satin gloves slithered up the models arms, and metallic lamé skirts peeked out from cocoon coats. The entire collection had a youthful, sophisticated edge, but the details suggested it was made for a grown-up woman. As for us? We’ll be looking for ways to rock those satin gloves on the streets of Manhattan.

Photos: Theodoros Chliapas for Hey Hey Gorgeous®


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