Above are beans from the backyard ready for harvest.

There is promise of another crop with more flowers.

Thank you bees' knees!

Web Comics

Jessixa's landing page is a multi-armed sausage with sound effects. There are B&W and colour comics. I loved the cupcake robot "Sink or Swim". View it!

The Pet Dragon is a children's book by Christoph Niemann. The illustration has Chinese characters embedded. There are more examples on his website.


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Red Cliff

I liked part 1 and wondered when the second part will come out. Turns out it was released on November 18th. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

In the mean time, below is a painting released by the Palace Museum for desktop.


Official Site


I just joined Plurk. It is a competitor for Twitter. There are options for profile customisation. The user can see a reverse chronological line across the top of the dash. Karma points regulate post frequency. Maybe that would discourage spam?

The Twilight Saga Continues

I reread New Moon in preparation for the NZ premiere on 19th November.

  1. Twilight (on DVD)
  2. New Moon (20th November 2009)
  3. Eclipse (30th June 2010)
  4. Breaking Dawn (TBA)

You can purchase Twilight products at my Amazon Affiliate Store.

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Cactus Flowers


My cactus has several yellow flowers!


These couple of flowers look like the face of Keroppi, Hello Kitty's friend at the Donut Pond.

Keroppi at Sanrio
Keroppi at Amazon

another day, another fairytale

This is autumn foliage in misty Vermon, New England. I love it!

I almost mistook it for a painting where the top layer was scratched to reveal the red and yellow base.

Little Green Riding Hood

I went as Little Green Riding Hood to last night's costume party.

Dinner at Tuk Tuk Thai Food

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I woke up this morning and chopped off my hair. It has been bothering me for a while.

My sister got married last Saturday at the Rogers Rose Garden French Steps and reception in Chartwell Square Room.

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We got our hair put up at Absolutely Hair and make up at Absolute Beauty.

I got French Manicure and Pedicure with OPI 'Mauving to Manitoba'.

I only took pictures on the way to the venue. This is outside their new place.

The ceremony was simple and with a few friends and family. Reception dinner was buffet. The Tauranga band DV8 played awesome music. Guests boogied the night away!

I turned 24 on Sunday but was too sick to celebrate.

This morning I overhauled my hair. Now it is short at the back and a sloping bob at the front.

The night before

by BigSisLilSis, some rights reserved.

I am nervous about tomorrow. I have to do a five minute speech. Most of the contents are sorted.

When you have guest coming over and neverending tasks a ready mixed dessert can be a good idea.

I made brownies for today's occasion.
Random quote of the day:

A day without a perdurable is like a day without sunshine

Taitua Arboretum

We just went for a walk in Taitua Arboretum. The roosters greeted us expecting food.

I named the circle of rocks down in the paddocks 'Pebblehenge'.

Rocks strategically placed throughout pathways let visitors admire the vista.

This is the obligatory pastoral scene.

My sister told me this flower thriving at the end of the walk is a foxglove.


Taitua Arboretum is off Howden Road, State Highway 23. 20 minutes from Hamilton city centre.

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I did some driving practice. It was scary on the highway and some cars passed me. I should have learned driving in high school!


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