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Is your cosmetics safe?

Colours, packaging, inhalation risk...

Cosmetics Information provides an informative overview with resources.

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review assess ingredient safety, but often encounters sufficient data.

Early September 2011

Sky Palette by Nicholas_T, some rights reserved.

I'm on holiday from Uni. The last three months have been hectic. Now I'm sitting back and recovering from a cold.

Sonia Rykiel

7 for mankind

Vivienne Westwood

Flowers in Summer 2011

Below are some flowers from a friend's backyard.

This sunflower is supposed to be a small variety.

Bright colours!

Melville Primary School

I walked past a primary school I used to attend.

That's the school crest!

The playground is exactly as I remembered.

There is a new underpass to keep pedestrians safe.

Science Markup Languages

WinDrawChem from the previous post works off Chemical Markup Language (CML).

There's another language called CellML being developed by Auckland Bioengineering Institute. My eyes lit up as I checked the website! It does mathematical modelling.

Biological processes are modelled by Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML).

Chemistry Drawings

This weekend was supposed to be a time to relax, but I have many things to rant about!

I was trying to install a 2-D molecule drawing program. It is called XDrawChem. There were several system requirements:

  • Qt by Nokia - website
  • OpenBabel - website
  • C++ Compiler - website
  • BUILD3D - found under XDrawChem Sourceforge site.
I didn't read the introduction page about XDrawChem carefully. In the first paragraph there is a link saying 'Windows'. That link would allow a 5-min download for WinDrawChem.

What I did download were:
  • The UNIX version, which does't run on my operating system;
  • Qt, a 1.6 GB download that finished my bandwidth quota for the month;
  • OpenBabel at dial up speed;
  • C++ compiler at snail's pace;
  • BUILD3D way after my bed time :'(
Just now I downloaded and installed WinDrawChem. It crashed when I input SMILES or try to open an example. I wish I know more about computers.

Half an hour of hair pulling later...

I can use it now. The import function has some bugs but a partially working application is better than none. Yay!

My New Phone

My replacement phone arrived today. I was excited but setting it up became a drawn out process.

Haven't had a parcel for a while.

It is a Vodafone 845 made by Huawei.

There was also a recycle package for unwanted mobiles.


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