P is for pomegranate

Travel log for Zoe Foster's trip to Singapore for the launch of Estée Lauder's Nutritious range.

Film Walrus Reviews

This film review site by St. Louis computer science engineer contains the author's top 100, Czech film reviews, screenshots, recommendations and specific overlooked genres.

Origianl site: Film Walrus Reviews

The Online Photographer

The Online Photographer presents photographs and comments by friens. One of their earliest link share was Somali Kiwis. The article is titled "Veil of Secrecy Lifted on Somali Community". Photos by Mark Hamilton.

Originally The Online Photographer. Current site is www.theonlinephotographer.com

VEROQUIMERA veronica delacroix

VEROQUIMERA veronica delacroix
Female Argentinian illustrator Veronica veroquimera Delacroix.

Strike a Match Productions

Film STudent Blog

Dor Dor Cat Cat

Cat Blog

My Silent Nights

Photo Blog

The Hyphenator

Blog by Copy editor


Family Photo Blog

Shortz Family

Travel Blog chronicling Ron and Carlene from Michigan 2006 to 2008.
Travel Log: Journeys of Ron and Carlene

Questionable Content

Webcomic by J. Jacques updated Monday to Friday since August 1, 2003.
Link: Questionable Content


Have patience to walk with small steps until you have wings to fly. - Saint Frances de Sales
Original: to Kimberly's blog August Eights.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to my updated weblog new for 2007. I will be posting links to and from pages visited and edited by me here. Enjoy!


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