Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Ultrasound on Friday showed I might have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also known as Stein-Leventhal Syndrome. I am worried! Looking at some information, I found:

I'll be doing follow up posts on this.

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Saturday with Pluto

Busy day, yesterday. I planned to go to the Chinese sports day and Balloons over Waikato. Going into the stadium alone was daunting, but I could freely wander around the venue . The event was well underway, with the tug of war in progress when I got there. I found Ruth - she was busy volunteering. Hester and co. arrived later. (I wasn't the only one late!)

Richard, Linda and I went to the Balloons over Waikato after dinner. Two of us got bunny ears. This reminded me of Gala Darling's new year celebration ideas. The ears glowed in the dark! Hamiltonians crowded the university grounds. Pluto was the band playing this year. The following link is their official website. The balloon lighting display and fireworks show went before 8.30 PM. Mr. Turtle wasn't in the display. I liked the Happy Birthday Balloon and Lady Bird.

We lighted candles during Earth Hour but still watched tv. I guess we cheated! Towards the end of the night I got sick. It was something I ate.

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Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour kicks off at 8.30PM Saturday 28 March 2009. I will be celebrating among thousands at the Hot Air Balloon Festival at University of Waikato grounds. This year 29 balloons will attend, including the Cake, MR. Bup (looks like a turtle from the photo) and Lucy the Ladybug.

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Cull your Applications. Now.

Social network sites allow a limited number of applications for each account. Profiles clog up over time with applications. I recommend removing the ones you no longer use. This gives feedback to developers so they can lift standard and focus on more suitable products. After all, I always feel refreshed by cleaning out my closet!

Suspender on a Sunday Afternoon

Suspenders or braces hold up parts of a garment. Today I am referring to the ones that keeps trousers or skirts from falling off. Traditionally, men wore these with their shirt and pants. Now women wear customisable straps over shorts, skirts and overalls.

Photo by The Half Blood Prince, some rights reserved. Notice how the width of the modern suspender have reduced to a thin strap. This has been possible with the advent of better material and fastening to revolutionise the way to, well, hold up your pants!

Below is a fine example of changing your look with suspenders.

Photo by iluvrhinestones, some rights reserved. The fashionista's description of her outfit was highly detailed, and I loved her ensemble!

The suspender makes your wardrobe far more flexible. If you've lost weight recently but haven't the time to replace old clothes, just snap on the trusty braces.

Photo by Vincent Boiteau, some rights reserved.

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via Entrecard

Chic and Sassy Designs

Chic & Sassy Designs make beautiful blogger templates. I aspire one day to be able to produce such art!

Developing this Blog

I am developing a customised template for this blog. My first task is to learn html, css and scripting so please bear with me!

Womens Lifestyle Expo

Went to Hamilton Womens lifestyle Expo yesterday. The event ended at 5 so I didn't get to see every stand. Next year I am taking mom. Below are some of the treats I tried.
  • Handmade fudge - 9 flavours available made from professional kitchen. I got the Baileys one!

  • Saw retired race greyhounds. They are up for adoption.

  • Chiropractor consultations.

  • Taste spirulina and smoothies.

  • Scilla Chocolates from Ohope. Beautiful tins. Yummy!

Da Vinci: Modern Interpretations

Waikto Museum is showing "Da Vinci Machines: The inventions and designs of a genius" from 14 March to 29 June.

I went to the show on opening day.

Panoramic Views on the Periodic Tables and far more Eminent Threats

Mock periodic tables make my day. Earlier posts include condiments that go bad and cupcakes.The latest one is for typefaces from Squidspot.
The above was entertaining. I was shocked to discover Uncyclopedia though. I am getting old.

Annual Pi Day

Today, March 14, is Pi Day and Einstein's birthday. Mathematicians around the world celebrate by activities such as memorising digits, baking, singing songs and using memorabilia. Enthusiasts have memorised the constant to tens of thousands of digits, composed poems and named their baby after it.
Pi = 3.14159265
Ratio between circular diameter and circumference. The official website provided a widget to countdown days until the event.
Pi Day Countdown

Today I Read about Dogs and Engineers

From Deli.cio.us:
  • The National Geographic has a interactive chart listing dog breed chocolate consumption limits. Put in the dog weight and choose the closest breed or type. Approximate symptoms results. For example, a Yorkshire terrier at 3 kg would suffer tremors and seizures from as little as 106.13 grams of milk chocolate!
  • Keep you canine friends away from these chocolate petit fours by Michelle Noerianto posted on taste.co.au. I doubt the recipe could serve eight.
  • Chemist in-jokes often include molecule names. Paul May's second installment of such records contain carefully collected graphics.
  • Elizabeth Farrelly from the Sydney Morning Herald wrote an article on March 12 that drew my attention. "Engineersare fun to make fun of"? Why use fun twice in the same sentence? MaybeI should not ask two questions in the same bullet point.

Introducing: VerveEarth

VerveEarth puts the blogging world on the map.

I might become an avid collector of buttons...

My Blog on VerveEarth

Nature: A great appearance of hut in the open sky

Nature: A great appearance of hut in the open sky

Lately I have been feeling this way.

Ta Da!

I have a new icon for this blog. The inspiration came from the following COLOURlover pattern.


Make your very own favicons from here. The small square image can be static or animated. There is a choice to publish the artwork under creative commons license or to become a registered user. W3C provides specific guidelines here.

Potted Plants [and Captions]

I grab the last of the summer light to take a few close ups of potted succulents in the courtyard.
Detailed flower from the side. I think I will do an observational drawing of this.
Furry! Have you never heard of stuffed plants? Now you have read about it. Spread the word... If the above is black it would resemble a tarantula.
Survival of the fittest plays out in this crowded pot. Mom has juxtaposed these two for a refreshing colour combination.


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