Autumn arrived quietly. Mum and dad harvested pumpkins before frost do damage.

We make compost from organic scraps. This year wild watermelon grew in our backyard! This one was the biggest.

The next watermelon is medium sized. I hope to compare them side by side when we harvest.

Each watermelon starts out as these tiny bulbs.

Below is watermelon foliage. I will be looking out for these next year!

We carried pumpkins like the hefty one below individually. They are now in storage.

Another crop begins while one finishes. These below are a row of kumara - winter comfort food. (For family gathering only!) The leaves make a mild vegetable dish.

Nature's Beauty And Fury In Pictures: Mother Nature Sees Red

These are some unusual sightings of red in nature. I wonder how this red lily beetle avoid predators?

By macropoulos, some rights reserved.

Water rushing along the majestic red rock canyon in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada. By Bill Gracey, some rights reserved.

Raindrops appear red on these leaves by evilnick, some rights reserved.

A stressed green anole puffs out in defence by Vicki's Nature, some rights reserved.

This red dragonfly is another insect examples. Predators sometimes stay away from bright insects due to their potential toxicity. Some bright coloured insects are not poisonous at all. (Photo by SJ photography, some rights reserved.)

Original idea via: Nature's Beauty And Fury In Pictures: Mother Nature Sees Red

Deep Sea Creatures: Anglerfish

The angler fish such as the one in Finding Nemo belongs to order Lophiiformes.

Image from The Art of Pixar

The Burning Man art exhibition in Nevada, 2009 featured this car. Photo by mr. nightshade, some rights reserved.

Idea via: Deep Sea Creatures: Anglerfish

see also: Tree of life project Lophiiformes

The Lincoln Saga

I was shocked to find Seth Grahame-Smith wrote a book about Lincoln being a vampire hunter. There are captioned photographs depicting likely vampires in the book. Grahame-Smith also brought us Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


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