Auckland Art Gallery

Entrance to Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland Art Gallery Entrance

Exhibitions of Note

Dark Matter

by photographer Ann Shelton (Official Website)
Articles in Noted and Heart of the City. I liked especially the sets jane says, in a forest, a library to scale, once more from the street (depicting Lake Alice hospital).

The Discerning Eye

Collection containing works by Stefano Della Bella and Jacques Callot
My favourite by Della Bella was le Pont Neuf, a Paris seen here.

Mackelvie Gallery

Portrait of a Lady (1637)

Silk brocades, velvet, satins and lace. The oil painting is by Dirck Santvoort, a Dutch Baroque/golden age painter. (website)

Portrait of Lady with Dog (1590s)

Gown, jewelry and lace by Lavinia Fontana from Italy (website)

Miss Windham (1828)

The subject was Mary Christina Windham wearing a coat dress, portrait by William Beechey. (website)

Le dame au masque/Lady in Mask (1624)

Noble woman in mask wearing elaborate gown by Jacques Callot. (website)

Museum of Transport and Technology

Museum of Transport and Technology entrance with tram station.

MOTAT entrance with tram station
First up is Welcome to the Machine bilingual exhibition

The locomotive as part of the Welcome to the Machine exhibition.
Inside the Western Springs pumping station!
Pumps and miscellaneous machinery inside the Western Springs pumping station.
Sir Ed Hillary's journey in Antarctica.
Red tractor driven in Antarctica by Sir Ed Hillary
Fire Engine!

Fir engine used in the olden days.
Meola Road Hangar housing a myriad of restored aircrafts.

Meola Road Hangar with a range of aircrafts

Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum Exterior
Inside is a stained glass skyline with important New Zealand symbolism.

Auckland Museum
Stained glass skyline by PurpleLorikeet

Finally, a view of the museum at night

Auckland Museum
Museum night view by Chris Gin

Catherine Martin the Costume Designer

Australian costume designer who won academy awards for
  • The Great Gatsby and
  • Moulin Rouge!
The Great Gatsby Trailer
Moulin Rouge Trailer


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