Science Markup Languages

WinDrawChem from the previous post works off Chemical Markup Language (CML).

There's another language called CellML being developed by Auckland Bioengineering Institute. My eyes lit up as I checked the website! It does mathematical modelling.

Biological processes are modelled by Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML).

Chemistry Drawings

This weekend was supposed to be a time to relax, but I have many things to rant about!

I was trying to install a 2-D molecule drawing program. It is called XDrawChem. There were several system requirements:

  • Qt by Nokia - website
  • OpenBabel - website
  • C++ Compiler - website
  • BUILD3D - found under XDrawChem Sourceforge site.
I didn't read the introduction page about XDrawChem carefully. In the first paragraph there is a link saying 'Windows'. That link would allow a 5-min download for WinDrawChem.

What I did download were:
  • The UNIX version, which does't run on my operating system;
  • Qt, a 1.6 GB download that finished my bandwidth quota for the month;
  • OpenBabel at dial up speed;
  • C++ compiler at snail's pace;
  • BUILD3D way after my bed time :'(
Just now I downloaded and installed WinDrawChem. It crashed when I input SMILES or try to open an example. I wish I know more about computers.

Half an hour of hair pulling later...

I can use it now. The import function has some bugs but a partially working application is better than none. Yay!

My New Phone

My replacement phone arrived today. I was excited but setting it up became a drawn out process.

Haven't had a parcel for a while.

It is a Vodafone 845 made by Huawei.

There was also a recycle package for unwanted mobiles.


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