Back to the Dark Ages: Cardboard Trebuchet

Model Trebuchet
Trebuchet construction is an ancient engineering feat. The machine destroyed masonry walls and threw objects in a projectile path. I found instructions on how to make a cardboard trebuchet able to hurl baseballs from instructables...
How to Make a Medieval Trebuchet Out of Cardboard - More DIY How To Projects

Woodworking for engineer

I happened upon this site by Matthias Wandel called woodworking projects for engineers. It has machinery guides, home improvement tips, construction plans and tools.

This led me to look up some woodworking howto's on Youtube...

Daffodil Day

With your help, there is hope.

What you can do:

  • Watch the commercial below to learn more about the cause
  • Embed the the video clip to your website or blog during August
  • Make a donation to the Cancer Society
Thank you for your time!

Cancer III

  1. Journal of Hematology & Oncology at
  2. Molecular Cancer at
    • angiogenesis, metastases
    • cancer antigens and immune response
    • Epidemiology, genetic and molecular profiling
    • cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy
    • vaccine and antibody therapies
    • Martignoni, Kunze & Friess (2003) discussed cachexia. Cachexia syndrome is the general decline of patients suffering from end-stage diseases.
  3. Radiation Oncology at discusses molecular and cellular radiation, radiation physics and technology.
  4. Stem Cell Research & Therapy at will be launched soon. It will include results of:
    • Animal, pre-clinical and clinical trials
    • Cell type considered are adult, embryonic, and induced pluripotent stem cells.
    • Drug development, engineering and biomaterials.
  5. World Journal of Surgical Oncology at includes topics such as:
    • epidemiology, biomarkers and molecular biology;
    • prevention and pathology;
    • radiology, clinical trials and multimodality treatment.

Cancer Part II

  1. Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice at, a cancer genetics forum for health care strategies to discuss
    • Inherited predisposition to cancer,
    • Molecular and cytogenetics analysis, and
    • Genetic counselling.
  2. Infectious Agents and Cancer at A journal on the pathogenic mechanism of chronic infections leading to cancer.
  3. Helicobacter pylori has a proposed link to gastric cancer (Akhter, 2007). Marshall and Warren (1984) discovered H. pylori in stomach of ulcer and gastritis sufferers. The young are more susceptible to this pathogen and longterm lifestyle factors lead to gastric cancer pathology.
  4. International Seminars in Surgical Oncology at
  5. The Journal of Angiogenesis Research at will be launched soon.
  6. Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research at The "Regina Elena" National Cancer Institute publishes articles on aspects such as immunology, epidemiology, pathology of cancer.
  7. A provisional article is about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) potential to treat liver cancer (Wu et al, 2009). Commonly used products were ginseng, astragalus and mylabris. The scientists pointed out publication bias existed to favour positive results.

Cancer - Part 1

BioMed Central gives open access journals about cancer. The journals are:
  1. BMC Cancer
    • BioMedical Central includes cancer pathophysiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
    • Recent research by Korean cancer researchers found fatty fish and omega-3 fatty acid intake reduces breast cancer risk. [ Read the article abstract ]
  2. Breast Cancer Research at covering topics:
    • Normal mammary gland biology,
    • Genetic, biochemical and molecular factors, and
    • Phase I and II clinical studies.
  3. Cancer Cell International at
    • Readers can find and subscribe the latest articles in this feed.
    • Sagar et al. reviewed the role of stem cells in cancer therapy and cancer stem cells. Stem cells repair blood and immune system during chemical and radiation therapy, whereas cancer stem cells lead to cancer development.
  4. Cell Division at
    • An biology community forum discussing eukaryotic cell cycle including process regulation, development and cancer formation. An example:
    • Sa & Das (2008) tested curcumin, or diferuloylmethane, a phytochemical with the potential to regulate cancer cell signal pathways. Curcumin is a plant derived polyphenol that could stop cancer from spreading or cause the cells to die (apoptosis).
  5. Head and Neck Oncology at
    • Includes aetiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, assessment, management, follow-up and prognosis for cancer in the head and neck
    • The most accessed article for Head and Neck Oncology was about refeeding syndrome (Mehanna, 2009). The condition affects people who start eating after a long period of starvation, particularly head and neck cancer patients. Symptoms may be difficulty in swallowing, electrolyte imbalance and disturbed metabolism. Treatment involves diet planning with fluid, electrolyte and vitamin supplements.

Rat Heaven on Earth

Rat Cage
Delux rat cage to contrast with rat-killers in recent articles. Features:
  • Double decker hammock
  • Tubes with vegetables
  • Tunnels
  • Wheel
  • Absorbent bedding and liner

Carnivorous Plants

Kantong Semar-Genus Nepenthes
Pitchers Nepenthes shown in the photo above are carnivorous plants that catches prey and digests them in modified leaves. Their natural habitats are bogs and fens. Enthusiasts have to accept odours of such environment.The video clip below shows a poisonous pitcher plant capturing insects.

The traps work by:
  • Pitfall Traps - folded leaves holding digestive enzyme.
  • Flypaper - leaves covered in sticky stalks
  • Snap Traps - hinges shut when triggered.
  • Suction Traps - hinged, shaped like a bladder.
  • Lobster Pot - twisted tubes with hair and glands.


Pitfall Traps
Huntington Botanical Gardens: Nepenthes Maxima "Dark"
Nepenthes maxima from Huntington Botanical Gardens.
Round-leaved Sundews and Sphagnum Moss
Sundews (Drosera rotundifolia) by Sandy Richard
Huntington Botanical Gardens: Gnats on Large Butterwort
Gnats stuck on butterworts
Suction Traps
Utricularia nelumbifolia
Bladderwort or Utricularia nelumbifolia by Don Coyote.
Snap Traps
Venus flytrap
The first pitcher plant that I learned about was the Venus fly trap. (Photo by Simon Whitaker).


Devil's Claw

Proboscidea althaeifoliaDevil's Claw may sound ominous. The endangered African plant has been used to treat arthritis, fever, diarrhea and blood diseases. Georgiev et al. developed Biofactories to extract active ingredients iridoid glycosides 'harpagoside and harpagide'.
Original Article from EurekAlert: New 'biofactories' produce rare healing...

Trash to Ocean

Consider the Pacific ocean being gradually filled in with trash, because that's what's happening.

Rat Terminator

Rats are pests. They are hard to get rid of. Some methods have toxic side effects that makes pets sick or or dangerous to unsuspecting children. Scientists discovered a pitcher plant in the Philippines that trap animals as big as rats and dissolves the carcass with acidic enzymes. The plant was observed nearly a decade ago, with its existence confirmed by Steward McPherson and Alastair Robinson.Original Article by Chris Irvine at UK Telegraph:
Rat-eating plant discovered in Philippines

Microscope Close Up

Looking on the lenses
Microscopes are a familiar sight in a biotechnology laboratory. This is a black and white close up for a Nikon C-W10xA/22. I always get that expectant feeling just before you take a look-see.

Rice from Tissue Culture

Young rice plants being grown using tissue culture
This is part of the collection provided from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). And here is the rest of it.

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology Image
Biotechnology is technology based on biology. Some applications are
  1. bioinformatics,
  2. blue biotechnology or marine and quatic applications,
  3. green biotechnology or agricultural applications,
  4. red biotechnology or medicinal applications, and
  5. white biotechnology or industrial applications.

More about Biotechnology

Cadbury Creme Egg

Got some Cadbury creme eggs today in time for Easter. These were made as early as 1923 by brothers Richard and George Cadbury in Bournville, Birmingham, England. The chocolate shell covers the white and yellow fondant filling.
How do you eat yours?

Redhead Pains

at the dentist
Apparently redheads require more anesthesia during medical procedures. The gene MC1R is responsible for hair colour and pain receptors. The mutation that results in pheomelanin production, rendering hair red, also increases sensitivity to pain. For complete article, see source:[via Tara Parker-Pope at the New York Times]

International Youth Day // Bloggers Unite

International Youth Day // Bloggers Unite

  • The first observance of International Youth Day was in 2000
  • This year's theme is Sustainability: Our Challenge. Our Future. For more information, see UN website.
  • Activity: Shoot Nations Photo Competition. Enter the competition at

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Weather in Taiwan

Typhoon Morakot is causing chaos. Washington Post reports today that around 400 people have gone missing.

Taiwan satellite image

Satellite image uploaded by Yilaner.

End of July Update

This weekend has been a busy one.

Yesterday I made 60 invitations. Each piece is 1/3 of A4. The background is a burgundy card. The text were printed on cream paper.

Today I got onto starting a dress. It's going to be a balloon hem. The inner section will be A-line. The outer section 1-2 inches longer and gathered in order to get that upside-down tulip shape. The hem ends at the knee. I am not sure how to proceed but there's always a back up dress for the event.

I think I am making up for last week. Everyday I read books. There was Middlesex, Murder du Jour and a Rosalind Franklin biography. She's the "dark lady of science".


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