Pumpkin Pie

Mum made pumpkin pie with bunny decorations. The filling was a bit soft because the mashed pumpkins were from a soup. Yet another way to use up our pumpkins!


This is a view from the top of a Starch manufacturing plant.

This is my new friend P7200127

P7200127, originally uploaded by fuzzyslowmo.
I snapped this adorable little critter last week just outside my fence. These spiny mammals are nocturnal and insectivorous. The hairs are made of stiff hollow keratin. I took several pictures. This one was the most focused as it responded to my camera flash by rolling into a ball and a quick getaway. Hedgehogs are useful as pest control in some European regions. People even keep them as pets! They have no natural predators in New Zealand and have become overpopulated by feeding on native insects, snails, lizards and bird eggs.

Wintering in Raglan

Raglan is freezing this time of year. We arrived at sunset.


Dinner at The Shack consisted of winter vegetable soup and followed by tiramisu trifle. I got sick afterwards though. The restaurant had good mood lighting.


I want one of these ketchup bottles!


The backpackers had plenty of facilities.


This is the view from a balcony overlooking the bay.


I paddled away at this loom for a bit.


There were some mean street art along the corrugated iron walls.




I found a memorial for John Noble after going down the walkway down to the shore.


Below are two of the North, South, East West sculptures at lookout point


Manu Bay had impressive wind but not much waves. It started to rain by the time we made it to Wainui Beach.



I got a pair of fishnet stockings on Sunday but have no idea when I will wear it.

They go with boots and heels.

Football World Cup 2010

The semi-finals are
Uruguay vs. Netherlands Wednesday 7 July 6:30am NZ time
Germany vs. Spain Thursday 8 July 6:30am NZ time

Who will be in the finals?


Good thing Hamilton doesn't get snow. It's still so cold I can't feel my toes!

I began a Masters degree in Material and Process Engineering at the University of Waikato in June.


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