I just had a nightmare. Better write it down before I forget. We live in our previous home and it is late afternoon. Mum’s got dinner cooking. People have been playing sports outside the house. A girl comes to the backdoor and asks to borrow the bathroom. I tell her to come right in. She becomes unwell. Her friends are concerned and want to take her to A and E but are from overseas. My family volunteer to give directions. We were going to Anglesea clinic but the scene changes a concrete jungle at night. We are on a deserted street in an unknown city flanked by tall buildings. Dad, mum and I are a short distance from another SUV. Four occupants in that car get out and look in pain and fall to the ground. I am huddled with my family as my father collapses. The full car we were in has stopped moving. A female friend walks past and we ask her for help, she refuses and walk on. A car pulls up. A woman comes out and tells us it is too late. I realise everyone is dying from an unknown illness. I look at the man sitting in the back of the car that pulled up. He remains there and has no expression. Mum and I attempt to walk away from the situation and I ask her about dad and I begin to wake up – it was at this moment I realised it was a dream and that if it was real, that we are all going to die immediately I’d say I love my family. 2:30am 19 March 2015

Chopin's 205 Anniversary

Chopin was born 205 years ago. He was my favourite piano composer. Below is an excerpt of the Raindrop Prelude.


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