20 Quick Ones on MHA

This is for all the MHA players out there! Whether you are a noob or an oldie tell us who you are!

1. your hero name: Exiles Jeanie, Psychic Guinea Pig, Spirits Jeanie

2. original ability: Precog

3. group(s): the Spirits, The Exiles, the Spirits

4. hero status: lvl 46 normal

5. FFA or NPC killing?: prefer FFA

6. started MHA addiction: when I joined Spirits

7. current build: precognition, healing, flight, telekinesis

8. current CR balance: 8732 (I swear I am getting pick-pocketed while offline.)

9. exp: 67477 (1893 to next level)

10. favorite move: lvl 10 COH!!!!! Not really.

11. your last feed says: Hero Corp paid you 100 CR for logging in. Today at 11:24 am

12. nemesis/stalker: not online often enough to get one. I added some people that invite-spams me tho.

13. people you miss on MHA: most people I've chatted to.

14. people you became friends with on MHA: Spirits oldies and the breakaway Exiles

15. interesting people you've met on MHA: people from all walks of life and different time zones.

16. favorite buffer(s): everyone! I esp enjoy bunnehs and turtle soup tho.

17. favorite update: new abilities and major locations

18. fervently wished for update: anything?

19. highest/current ladder position: not on the ladder and never will be

20. favorite MHA moment: FFA


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