Mental Health Awareness Week Monday



Connect with

  • family,
  • friends,
  • colleagues,
  • neighbours.

Connect at

  • home,
  • work,
  • school,
  • community.

7 Suggested Acitivities

  1. Share healthy food from different cultures in a block party
  2. Have a comedy movie night with a few close friends to share some laughs.
  3. Give a smile :) to a stranger
  4. Go to the outdoors like take a walk in the bush, swim in the ocean and climb a mountain with your sporty mates. Department of Conservation has a list.
  5. Find music/art events in local community and organise a group to attend. Use local websites like Visit Hamilton to do this.
  6. Have a family Technology Free day/night and play games such as cards and charades.
  7. Speak or meet up with someone you have not contacted for a long time and RECONNECT.

Mental Health Foundation Website Guide to Connect

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