Saturday with Pluto

Busy day, yesterday. I planned to go to the Chinese sports day and Balloons over Waikato. Going into the stadium alone was daunting, but I could freely wander around the venue . The event was well underway, with the tug of war in progress when I got there. I found Ruth - she was busy volunteering. Hester and co. arrived later. (I wasn't the only one late!)

Richard, Linda and I went to the Balloons over Waikato after dinner. Two of us got bunny ears. This reminded me of Gala Darling's new year celebration ideas. The ears glowed in the dark! Hamiltonians crowded the university grounds. Pluto was the band playing this year. The following link is their official website. The balloon lighting display and fireworks show went before 8.30 PM. Mr. Turtle wasn't in the display. I liked the Happy Birthday Balloon and Lady Bird.

We lighted candles during Earth Hour but still watched tv. I guess we cheated! Towards the end of the night I got sick. It was something I ate.

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