Suspender on a Sunday Afternoon

Suspenders or braces hold up parts of a garment. Today I am referring to the ones that keeps trousers or skirts from falling off. Traditionally, men wore these with their shirt and pants. Now women wear customisable straps over shorts, skirts and overalls.

Photo by The Half Blood Prince, some rights reserved. Notice how the width of the modern suspender have reduced to a thin strap. This has been possible with the advent of better material and fastening to revolutionise the way to, well, hold up your pants!

Below is a fine example of changing your look with suspenders.

Photo by iluvrhinestones, some rights reserved. The fashionista's description of her outfit was highly detailed, and I loved her ensemble!

The suspender makes your wardrobe far more flexible. If you've lost weight recently but haven't the time to replace old clothes, just snap on the trusty braces.

Photo by Vincent Boiteau, some rights reserved.

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