Kaleidoscope on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon

My essay is finished. That was the second to last assessment for my degree. The final one is a test in two weeks. On that thought, 26 things you wish you had known about engineering before you started by Subversive. I am glad someone out there has similar sentiments.

Becoming an engineer is not all doom and gloom. New process engineers can get advice from Chemical Engineering World. These 5 tips stem from common sense but can work wonders for the uninitiated.

Breath of the Dragon on Etsy free shipping to 31 May, featuring wood burning by Connie Mitan.

I always liked moss. I was playing outside more than fifteen years ago. The ditch along the outer wall of home was covered in them. Thus began my lasting fascination despite the sewage running through. The bryophyte Physcomitrella patens also served as cute "lawn" for dad's bonsai. Today I learned that biopharmaceuticals can be cultivated from moss in photobioreactors. "...Microencapsulated transgenic P. patens protoplasts (was) cultivated in a Wave Bioreactor" (Gitzinger et al., 2009).

Another biological wizardry. Magnus Larsson proposed utilising Bacillus pasteurii forming calcium carbonate in a dune anti-desertification architecture.

Insects are more likely to survive nuclear winter than us mere mortals. Environmental Graffiti lists ten such diabolical insects. I suggest you avoid the pictures.

  1. cockroaches
  2. potato bugs
  3. earwigs
  4. giant wetas
  5. titan beetles
  6. foam grasshoppers
  7. blister beetles
  8. mutillidae
  9. mosquitos
  10. centipedes

What will bring on the apocalypse? Flowing data analysed the Seven Deadly Sins. Where else? The US of course...

I am reading lots of books at the moment. There are so many left on my list. Galadarling posted a way to peruse some at leisure: Book-A-Minute Classics. Some of these books would be available on Project Gutenberg.

You will need funding for this gadget. Aqua Pulse performs online heart rate measurement. Price:$139.99 (Product Information). The sound waves travel by bone conduction to overcome that usual muffled effect.

For light relief:
Monkey butt powder, what?! It is a genuine product discovered by Kathy (Junk Drawer for the Masses).
Vegetable art by Ju Duoqi from Environmental Graffiti vs. Creepy Veggies.


Gitzinger, M. L., Parsons, J., Reski, R. & Fussenegger, L. (2009). Functional cross-kingdom conservation of mammalian and moss (Physcomitrella patens) transcription, translation and secretion machineries. Plant Biotechnology Journal 7(1), 73 - 86. doi:10.1111/j.1467-7652.2008.00376.x


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