Christie a.k.a. Observations of a Nerd has been featured as Geek of the week! (From the Science Channel Page).

Land border crossings are a sight to behold! I have never been through the likes of the eleven described by Simone Preuss.

I liked the Spanish Moroccan border in Ceuta on the North African coast. I also found a Flickr set on Ceuta by ''petitillusion'' for some idea of what Ceuta looks like.

This is a beach in Ceuta by Mario Sánchez Bueno.

Pacific Heights in San Francisco is nice! Mom would love the patio succulent collection. Photos from Freshpinkstyle.

My last exam is on 2.15 PM 20 June. Then that's it. After that I might treat myself to Starbucks Coffee, DIY style. I'll get back to you whether it's as good as the real thing.


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