I have a healthy fear of spiders. Ed Yong from Not Exactly Rocket Science wrote that the arachnid Myrmarachne melanotarsa gather to pretend to be ants. I did not know they needed to be more aggressive.
How to Know the Spiders (Pictured Key Nature S.)

Another post by the same author discussed gender gap in maths. This problem also applies to science, technology and engineering. Janet Hyde and Janet Hertz argued that the gender gap is due to social and cultural factors. Some of the resistance encountered were:
  • Lack of attention or encouragement,
  • The effects of stereotypes,
  • Lack of female role models,
  • Willful misogyny,
  • Unconscious biases, and
  • Hostile work environments.

On the opposite end of the scale, I prefer species getting along. My favourite in that post was the rabbit and the dog. Although I have seen rabbits bite dogs where it hurts most on TV.


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