• I relaxed with mom and dad on Christmas Eve and Day.
  • Boxing Day
    • Mom and I went shopping at the Base. My haul
      • Leather jandals and Grey tank from General Issue,
      • White halter dress with navy hem from Hartleys. It has a large pocket right across the front, and
      • The remaining Twilight Saga 25% off from Penney's at Chartwell!
  • I spent the next three days reading my brand spanking new books. They are highly recommended! In reading order:
    • New Moon,
    • Eclipse, and
    • Breaking Dawn
  • I also watched TV1's Christmas Comedy Gala, Oliver Twist, Ballet Shoes, Gosford Park, and Lost in Austen. No I did not lose my remote. I have seen a majority of the movies on the other channels.
  • Today I am meeting friends for dinner.
Fan art by kekoah, some rights reserved.

Twilight - New Version


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