PMS Rant and Vent

Got in a terrible mood yesterday over nothing. Maiqing asked me to go to Camilsa's wedding because Jenny could not make it. When she picked me up she said Jenny was coming after all. This became a problem since I was not invited to the reception.

We made a wrong turn on the way. From my point of view they just ignored my directions in the car. We arrived after the bride!

The ceremony was so beautiful that it made me all teary eyed.

Maiqing and Jenny adamantly told me it would be awkward for me to turn up to the reception. I told them I could just deliver the wedding gift and not eat the lunch. They replied with the freeze out a la girl cliques.

I went home at that point. Exhausted, alone and more depressed than ever.

I am tired of being a substitute, of being invisible because my looks are ordinary. But most of all, I am disappointed by how few friends I have that I have to endure being treated this way.

There will not be a next time. I will just say no.


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