Yuletide Showdown

Is that kitty comfortable? People are shopping for gifts all over the consumer world. This year my dad told me not to put up the tree so I am making do with pictures of others. For example, I stumbled across some geeky ones at walyou.com.

Another is Wondermark by David Malki ! is a graphical blog in a nineteenth century theme. His 19 December comic installment [here] gave warning about Christmas cards.

Goodies for you:
  • Crappy wrapping service provided by firebox.com. The retailer provides additional service to wrap the present in haste so it looks shop bought. You will have to confirm this for me. I do not shop online. It's the lack of though that counts.
  • A gift for your computer desktop. [Christmas Wallpapers]
  • Buying exotic gifts could spell disaster. This is a take on Taiwanese attempts to master English. [Products in Translation]
  • My dad is NOT a grinch. His gift to me this year was to tell me about an article on experts needing 10,000 hours of practice to become elite in their field. [New York Times article] I should keep trying to become an engineer since I have spent half a decade to train so far. Here to the rest of my life...
Merry Christmas!


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