Auckland Trip

My long weekend in Auckland seems ages ago now. We were there to visit N and celebrate M's birthday. The plan was to do city centre, Viaduct Harbour, Mission Bay, New Market and Devonport.


Drive up to Auckland

We strolled through Dress Smart to wait for N to finish work. I got a scarf and top from the Glassons outlet. R waited while I pestered a man selling belts. I got a motorcycle buckle for Richard.

In which Watching TV could be Bad for You

N made capsicum curry for us. Her assortment of Indian spices were kept fresh in a round container. We watched the episode in which Monk gets a cold. R promptly got the snuffles so we decided that was a bad omen. L brought Disney's Lady and the Tramp. I jumped at the chance to watched it again since I had forgotten most of it.

Viaduct Harbour night life

Lenin is a Russian bar. We got lemon, lime & bitters. L took photos of Minus 5 made of ice. I liked Lenin's ceiling lights and those affluent patrons pretend not to shiver next door.


Parnell La Cigale French Style Market

I got strawberry-raspberry crepe and Turkish delight to go. M and L recommended almond croissant for lunch. I was dubious about the icing sugar on top. (Reminded by Audrey Hepburn's dislike for those pastries).

Picnic at Mission Bay

We all had sandwiches filled with avocado, egg and tomato. The almond croissant turned out to be the best I've had in my life thus far.

Cake x2 on Dominion Road, Eden Valley

We paid a visit to Well Done Bakery (Taiwanese) and The Gateau House (Korean) on Dominion Road. M's work shout was a chestnut sponge from Well Done with OTT icing. Our less extravagant affair was mango flavoured with fruit garnish from Gateau. I picked out custard crust bun, sun and wife cake from Taiwan to take home. We hurried home to save melting cakes and have mushroom Pasta.
"Mango mousse made with French mango puree mixed with crème anglaise. Generously topped with French mango puree and decorated with seasonal fruits and hand crafted chocolate." - Gateau House.

Skycity Casino

R and I had never been to Skycity so we took a gander. I'm no fan so stayed outside with N. We eventually joined the others in the VIP lounge for supper. L bought a DVD called I'll Never be Your Woman. Unlikely title for a chick flick. I thought it a bit funny and a bit dumb, just right for winding down. We had cake at midnight!


Yum Cha

The dim sum dishes were carried on huge platters and pushed around the packed restaurant. The tea helped with digestion. I had delicate shrimp dumplings, various shu mai, chicken feet and sesame seed balls. I was too full by the time the taro croquette came around.

Devonport Outing

The bumpy sea took some getting used to. We got a Clydesdale carriage tour of the town. I was embarrassed because people knew us by sight when we walked around later. I bought a double sided sponge/scrub, tumbleweed bunny, Easter cookie cutter and a turtle for Linda.


I almost lost the ticket on the return trip. I was drained of energy. The trip home was quiet and I was sad at the prospect of not seeing N for yonks.


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