Feijoas, come one, come all.

The feijoa season is upon us. I had three today! When my family moved to New Zealand, we had never seen feijoa trees before. The neighbours told us how the fruit is ripe when it falls. Now I know it's autumn when feijoas fall. They remind me of the move to New Zealand and guavas in Taiwan.

Whole feijoa and cross-section, by a HortResearch photographer.

Feijoa sellowiana is an evergreen from South America. The green ellipsoid tastes sweet, has a gritty texture and smells sweet due to its methyl benzoate. Nutritional data states the fruit is low in cholesterol and sodium, high in folate and is a good source of vitamin C. If you have interest in growing feijoa, check out the New Zealand Grower's Association in what you need.

Feijoa can be used in (source: Wikipedia Entry):

I pick up the fruit, cut it in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. How do you eat your feijoa?


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