My Weekend

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  1. Friday: dinner at I Japanese Cafe - I had seafood hot pot - oyster, prawn, tofu, vermicelli, bok choy etc
  2. Saturday:

    • Dinner at the Bank Bar and Restaurant - I had vegetables (egg plant, asparagus, pepper, salad etc). The meal was gluten free as well!
    • Movie: The Time Traveller's Wife - so sad! I cried. The adaptation was pretty good.
    • Singstar - we took tuns to belt out pop songs. 'Nuff said.
    • CBD and The Outback - shots then dance the night away

  3. Sunday 12 Days of Christmas Concert at Clarence Street Theatre

    1. A partridge in a pear tree - Soloist singing
    2. Two turtle doves, - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle doves
    3. Three French hens, - three flute, accordion and harp pieces
    4. Four calling birds, - Four ladies performing in acapella
    5. Five golden rings, - fire dancer with hula hoop!
    6. Six geese a-laying, - pantomime by six geese
    7. Seven swans a-swimming, - what happend to swan lake by man in tutus? I think it was replaced by a whopping seven recorders.
    8. Eight maids a-milking, - Drury Lane dancers performing 'Survivor'
    9. Nine ladies dancing, - Russian traditional dance
    10. Ten lords a-leaping, - Gumboot stomp
    11. Eleven pipers piping, - Ringing Scottish and Caledonian bagpipe band
    12. Twelve drummers drumming, - Wai Taiko drummers


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