Nougat: Mum's First Attempt


a. 120 g castor sugar and 60 g water
b. 40 g egg white
c. 1/4 t salt and 75 g milk powder
d. 50 g softened butter
e. 200 – 300 g peanuts


  1. Boil ingredient A by gradually to 120-125 °C
  2. Mix ingredient B at medium speed to
  3. Remove A and pour into B then mix
  4. Add milk powder with softened butter and mix
  5. Add peanuts and pour into greased trays
  6. Serve after mixture sets.


  • Make sure sugar mixture is hot so it is easy to mix with peanuts
  • Variations include 60 g milk powder and choices such as 15 g chocolate, sesame, coconut.
  • The lower the temperature, the softer the nougat
  • If the nougat does not set, increase heating and drying temperature





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