Cancer - Part 1

BioMed Central gives open access journals about cancer. The journals are:
  1. BMC Cancer
    • BioMedical Central includes cancer pathophysiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
    • Recent research by Korean cancer researchers found fatty fish and omega-3 fatty acid intake reduces breast cancer risk. [ Read the article abstract ]
  2. Breast Cancer Research at covering topics:
    • Normal mammary gland biology,
    • Genetic, biochemical and molecular factors, and
    • Phase I and II clinical studies.
  3. Cancer Cell International at
    • Readers can find and subscribe the latest articles in this feed.
    • Sagar et al. reviewed the role of stem cells in cancer therapy and cancer stem cells. Stem cells repair blood and immune system during chemical and radiation therapy, whereas cancer stem cells lead to cancer development.
  4. Cell Division at
    • An biology community forum discussing eukaryotic cell cycle including process regulation, development and cancer formation. An example:
    • Sa & Das (2008) tested curcumin, or diferuloylmethane, a phytochemical with the potential to regulate cancer cell signal pathways. Curcumin is a plant derived polyphenol that could stop cancer from spreading or cause the cells to die (apoptosis).
  5. Head and Neck Oncology at
    • Includes aetiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, assessment, management, follow-up and prognosis for cancer in the head and neck
    • The most accessed article for Head and Neck Oncology was about refeeding syndrome (Mehanna, 2009). The condition affects people who start eating after a long period of starvation, particularly head and neck cancer patients. Symptoms may be difficulty in swallowing, electrolyte imbalance and disturbed metabolism. Treatment involves diet planning with fluid, electrolyte and vitamin supplements.


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