Cancer III

  1. Journal of Hematology & Oncology at
  2. Molecular Cancer at
    • angiogenesis, metastases
    • cancer antigens and immune response
    • Epidemiology, genetic and molecular profiling
    • cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy
    • vaccine and antibody therapies
    • Martignoni, Kunze & Friess (2003) discussed cachexia. Cachexia syndrome is the general decline of patients suffering from end-stage diseases.
  3. Radiation Oncology at discusses molecular and cellular radiation, radiation physics and technology.
  4. Stem Cell Research & Therapy at will be launched soon. It will include results of:
    • Animal, pre-clinical and clinical trials
    • Cell type considered are adult, embryonic, and induced pluripotent stem cells.
    • Drug development, engineering and biomaterials.
  5. World Journal of Surgical Oncology at includes topics such as:
    • epidemiology, biomarkers and molecular biology;
    • prevention and pathology;
    • radiology, clinical trials and multimodality treatment.


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