Cancer Part II

  1. Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice at, a cancer genetics forum for health care strategies to discuss
    • Inherited predisposition to cancer,
    • Molecular and cytogenetics analysis, and
    • Genetic counselling.
  2. Infectious Agents and Cancer at A journal on the pathogenic mechanism of chronic infections leading to cancer.
  3. Helicobacter pylori has a proposed link to gastric cancer (Akhter, 2007). Marshall and Warren (1984) discovered H. pylori in stomach of ulcer and gastritis sufferers. The young are more susceptible to this pathogen and longterm lifestyle factors lead to gastric cancer pathology.
  4. International Seminars in Surgical Oncology at
  5. The Journal of Angiogenesis Research at will be launched soon.
  6. Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research at The "Regina Elena" National Cancer Institute publishes articles on aspects such as immunology, epidemiology, pathology of cancer.
  7. A provisional article is about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) potential to treat liver cancer (Wu et al, 2009). Commonly used products were ginseng, astragalus and mylabris. The scientists pointed out publication bias existed to favour positive results.


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